Choices: Stories You Play, an Entertaining Game with Many Engaging Stories

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Choices: Stories You Play, an Entertaining Game with Many Engaging Stories

The massively multiplayer online games are the most widely played games today. These games have reduced the popularity of text-based role playing games, but still Choices: Stories You Play has survived and it is doing quite well. It is a game that allows you to pick the genre of the story, live that story that involves multiple chapters, and make some choices to get the best overall score. There are thousands of players, who love this game. In fact, it makes you feel like you are a character in the story and you can turn the story according to your preferences. This game will certainly change your view about the text-based games. Let’s reveal why is it so exciting.

How to play?

It is a pretty simple game to play. As you start playing the game, it will ask you to select a genre for the story. You get two choices in the genre, Fantasy and Romance. You can pick anyone of these two genres and the game will select an entertaining story for you. Now you will find many choices related to your wishes. This game has a number of stories from each genre. In addition, the stories are quite engaging and compelling. It seems like the developers have worked closely with the story writers. Every story keeps you totally engaged in what is going on. The stories move at a good pace and keep the curiosity levels high.

When it becomes more interesting?

The game becomes more interesting, when you make your choices. Choices: Stories You Play works on “choose your own adventure” format. The game offers you at-least two choices during the gameplay. You choices can affect the main character of the game and that’s why you should select every option carefully to maintain the flow of the story. Whatever choice you will select, it will decide the main character’s relationship with other characters. The outcome will depend on whatever choices you make. There are several engaging stories of princess, Kingdome, and romance. So, get ready to live those stories on your Smartphone.

The design and graphics:

The graphics are simply impressive. The story takes you to several different locations. The images of the main characters pop-up time and again and the conversation is shown in the box below the characters. You can make the choices and choose the conversion to affect the flow of the story. The graphic quality is amazing and game’s design is also quite appealing. The gameplay and design both lure the text-based game lovers towards this game. In fact, many MMO game players have also become addicted to playing this game.

Should you play it?

There is no reason to say no to such an exciting and entertaining game. This game will incline you towards the novels and story books. You will get a new habit of reading the stories and novels, which is a good habit. You must download this game and start playing it now to reveal what additional features it has for you.

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